A Rare Gem

Old new building - People of Calgary Street - Rob Moses Photography
Camera: Canon 5D & 24-70L @24mm – Settings: 1/100th // f14 // ISO 320

The only reason I shot this photo was because of the wicked old building the girl is walking in front of. I love old buildings like this and as the city of Calgary grows the less you see such buildings. For instance, a company here just tore down a old 6 story building built in 1912 to make way for a new set of buildings. I am all for growth and new big buildings, but I feel keeping around the old buildings gives the city a lot of character. However, in the defence of the new development of the 1912 buildings site, it should be noted that, that particular building went over some rather unpleasing renovations in 1967 which had the building clad in marble. Although that might sound nice, it wasn’t haha. Anyhow, I love the building in the picture I took and I hope they don’t tare it down! πŸ™‚

Bellow are some pictures of the 1912 building referenced here. Photo’s by unknown photographers via imageshack.

Old Calgary Herald building before and after 1967 renovations.


  1. Boomdeeadda · January 23, 2013

    Thanks for touching on this topic Rob. I’ve posted a few times about old buildings in Edmonton. (The Past Is Present…posts) It slays me when they are short sited about heritage buildings. We are turning a corner in Edmonton. They actually dismantled the old Alberta Hotel and rebuilt it next to Canada Place…it’s awesome and gorgeous and has character up the wa-zoo.

  2. obsessivecatcollector · January 23, 2013

    Really inspiring stuff, my man.

  3. longhornsandcamels · January 23, 2013

    Great pic. Houston is the same about knocking down historic buildings and it drives me nuts!

    • Rob Moses · January 23, 2013

      Thank you! Yes I wish more cities would keep around all the cool old buildings.

  4. coloradotire · January 24, 2013

    A masterly photograph is the reward when opportunity meets preparation. In itself, the building merits a moment of undivided attention, your capturing the women walking in front of it is the adornment which makes it a work of art. Primo! Thanks for sharing the work of art and the renovation pictures as well πŸ™‚

    • Rob Moses · January 24, 2013

      Thank you so very much for you extremely kind comment! πŸ™‚ I rather enjoy this picture too.

      • coloradotire · January 24, 2013

        That’s a man, not a woman in front the building, right? Oops!

      • Rob Moses · January 24, 2013

        Haha no she is most definitely a woman! πŸ™‚

  5. coyotero2112 · January 24, 2013

    The balance between progress and preservation… Photographers are best suited to visually store these memories of what was, or how it can remain. Good shot. I was in the main square of Copehagen watching workers tear the corner out of a 200 year-old building to put in a Burger King. Do some of these people really understand that what they have is worth more than a bit of tax income? Didn’t mean to get all serioso.
    Keep shooting, I’ll keep stopping by.

    • Rob Moses · January 24, 2013

      Thank you for your comments. About that Burger King thing, wow! That is crazy! I can’t believe they would allow that. Anyhow, hopefully they don’t keep on that track.

      Thanks for stopping by πŸ˜‰

  6. graffitiglam · January 24, 2013

    I love Calgary! I’ve been there several times. My sis lives there. I think you have an amazing site here. It should be a live TV show. What’s the status of the Graffiti Art in Calgary?

    • Rob Moses · January 24, 2013

      Thank you very much! πŸ™‚ That’s cool your sister lives here! Oh and a TV show would be super fun! haha. As for Graffiti in Calgary, to be honest, I haven’t seen a ton, however I am still a little new to the city so I am sure there are places I am unaware of as for yet. As soon as I come across some really good work I will be sure and get a few pictures πŸ™‚

      • graffitiglam · January 24, 2013

        Please get pics! I’m so happy Toronto embraces ephemeral art. It talks to me the way the denizens of Calgary talk to you!
        It’s not just graffiti art. There are some amazing murals here as well.
        Winnipeg, also, has some stunning murals. I have a bit of a library, and I can hardly wait to Post all of this beautiful public, outdoor art!

      • graffitiglam · January 24, 2013

        PS. You are a TV show! Try to sell it to a local station.

  7. bsaplicki · January 25, 2013

    I also love architecture – it’s amazing how often you can look up and see a real beauty that you’ve missed time and time again. Great find and photo!

  8. LB · January 30, 2013

    This topic is near and dear to me as with others who have posted. It blows me away to see the gorgeous old buildings that are torn down and replaced by junk buildings that just won’t last. Sadness (and infuriating!)

    • Rob Moses · January 30, 2013

      Agreed! πŸ™‚ They can’t take them all though! haha. Well I hope not anyhow lol.

  9. JessaLGreen · February 7, 2013

    This is so beautiful, Rob! It really speaks to me. I’ve always loved old buildings, not only do they have character in the way they’re built, but they have outlasted many of our more recent “quick” work.
    I know in Boulder, Colorado they require that any new building keep at least one wall from the old building – to maintain integrity and the small-town feel I think. It doesn’t always work (in some cases, the wall really is just a nuisance), but perhaps if that were a law the ugly marble building would never have offended the senses?

    • Rob Moses · February 7, 2013

      Hey Jessa, thank you for your comment. That wall idea sounds great! I love it when they build a new building and keep like the bottom front or more for the exterior. I think it looks really cool. They did a really wonderful example of that style recently on a building back in Vancouver. I wish Calgary would adopt that same law. Maybe I’ll write a letter to the mayor πŸ™‚ Thanks for passing along the info and for stopping by.

      • JessaLGreen · February 7, 2013

        Any time. Thank you for the beautiful photography and consistently interesting blog!

  10. shilodconn · March 14, 2013

    I love your shots, this one in particular is my favorite so far! Makes me wish I had a better camera. How long have you been shooting? I love really love how you creatively sneak in your URL. It’s like Where’s Waldo in everyday life. Really enjoying!
    You make me want to visit for myself! Keep up the great pics.

    • Rob Moses · April 24, 2013

      Haha thank you very much! I have shooting for around 10 years or so I’d say πŸ™‚

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