Laura & Kyle – 2 Cool People I Met Behind a Pub

I met these two quite a while back but never got to posting their interview because the picture didn’t turn out. I guess I should check my shots a little closer in these types of situations haha. Anyhow, they were really nice so I decided to post it anyway, sorry for the poor picture quality guys!

So one night when I was walking around the Eau Clair Market area downtown looking for people for this blog I saw these two behind a pub that is by the market. They seemed to be having quite the little chat, but at this point in my night I had been turned down twice already and I was determined, so I interrupted them as nicely as I could and explained to them what I was doing. Clearly they agreed to talk to me and here is what they had to say 🙂

These 2 - Rob Moses Photography - People of Calgary

1. Where are you from?
– Laura: Nova Scotia

– Rob: BC

2. Why did you move to Calgary of all places?
– Laura: I was tired of Nova Scotia and I came out to work in the mountains for the summer and I ended up loving it and all my friends followed me out here, so I stayed and I love it!  

– Rob: My girlfriend at the time lived here so that kinda ment I had to live here (laughter).

– ME: Ok, well that makes sense haha.

– Rob: School as well, but you know haha. 

3. Do you like living in Calgary?
– Rob: As opposed to where I was living before? or just in general? 

ME: Just in general.

– Rob: Ya, it’s nice.

– Laura: I also love it, lost of good music scenes, good people, mountains, awesome! 

4. What do you like to do for fun?
– Laura: Go to the Ship & Anchor and drink pints! (laughter).

ME: Nice!

– Rob: I don’t really have fun, sooo?

– Laura: He’s in school. (laughter)

ME: Darn! haha.

5. If you had to describe Calgary to someone, what would you say?
– Rob: Oooooh, ummm, to be honest I’d say it’s flat and windy and brown or white, one of the two and that would be how I would describe it.

ME: That is an accurate description (except for summer when Calgary is beautiful), (Laughter).

– Rob: It’s not a very favourable one, but accurate haha.

ME: What would you say Laura?

– Laura: I would say it’s very multi cultural and lots of nice people from all over the world, because Calgary wasn’t as big as it is on it’s own. And lots of opportunity for jobs and just good people. I miss the water though, definitely miss the ocean. 

ME: I also miss the water!

– Laura: Where are you from? 

ME: I am from Vancouver.

– Laura: Ahhh, ya it (Calgary) had a beach it would be perfect.

ME: Totally.

6. Ok so just to wrap this up, have you ever ridden a horse?
– Rob: Mmmm ya. I can’t remember when last, but I know at some point.

ME: Ok, have you (Laura) ever ridding a horse?

– Laura: I have, I used to take ridding lessons and I did in Banff on a trail ride, it was awesome!

7. Nice! Is there anything else you would like to add?
– Laura: It was nice to meet you and we gotta get back to work haha.

– Rob: Flames suck! (Laughter) 

– Laura: GO MONTREAL! 

ME: Thanks guys, I appreciate it!


Waiting for Trains

I went out on a street shooting mission today and I got a bunch of good photos that I am happy with. This one is was the very last shot I took before I hopped on the train home and is probably my favourite from the day.

Platform Calgary - Rob Moses Photography

Camera: Canon 7D & 50mm 1.8 mk 1 – Settings: 1/100th // f1.8 // ISO 400

On a fun little side note I bumped in to Kris while I was enjoying a coffee on Stephen Ave. The more I go out and bump into people I know the more I feel like a real Calgarian, dare I say I am becoming one ;).

Robin – Short & Sweet

Haha Ok, if you have read this blog for the past few weeks then you might find this interview a little amusing. I’ll leave it at that for now and fill you in on who exactly Robin is after the interview. Some of you more clever people might be able to guess who she might be. Here is what Robin had to say.

Robin - People of Calgary - Rob Moses Photography
Camera: Canon 1DiiN & 50L – Settings: 1/25th // f1.2 // ISO 800

1. Where are you from?

2. Have you lived here all your life?
No. (Robin is originally from Nova Scotia, Canada)

3. Do you like living in Calgary?
Yes I do.

4. What do you like to do for fun?
I like to mountain bike.

5. If you had to describe Calgary to some one, what would you say?
It’s a friendly place to meet friendly people.

6. Have you ever ridden a horse?

7. Anything you’d like to add?

So if that interview sounded a little familiar there are two reasons for that. One, it contains only a selection of the standard questions (interview took place before I decided to switch up the format a bit) and two, it had the exact same vibe as the “Quick Answer Kris” interview. Funny thing is, Robin is Kris’s girlfriend! haha. I found the similarities in answering style rather amusing 🙂

Thanks Robin!

*It should be noted that this picture does Robin no justice.

Amber Schinkel – Global TV News Anchor

A couple weeks ago I was watching the morning news on Global TV and saw Amber anchoring the news as I so often do. I thought to my self it would be cool if she’d do the blog. So on a whim I decided to send her a message on twitter to see if she would be into it. To my pleasant surprise she was! I met Amber at a Starbucks and we hung out and had a little chat before we got going on the blog questions. She was extremely nice and couldn’t have been more sweet. I can see why Amber is where she currently is in her broadcasting career. Amber is clearly great at her job and really is just a good person and very nice to be around.

Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to me Amber! 😀

Amber Schinkel - People of Calgary - Global TV News - Rob Moses Photography
Camera: Canon 5Diii & 135L – Settings: 1/400th // f2 // ISO 100

1. Where are you from?
I am from Cochrane Alberta, which is located outside of Calgary, north west of Calgary.

2. Why did you moved to Calgary of all places?
I grew up on a farm just outside of Cochrane and through my work it was just great to be able to come back to my home city. I moved away and I did small towns and worked my way up in my career through cities outside of Calgary, but it was nice to be able to come home.

3. Did you ever leave Alberta?
Yes, I lived in Swift Current Saskatchewan for two months and it was a good way to get my foot in the door for broadcasting. It was brutally cold, it was like December and January in Swift Current Saskatchewan. I wouldn’t recommend moving there at that time (laughter).

Rob: No, it doesn’t sound very pleasing haha.

4. How did you get your start? Did you start in radio or did you just go straight to TV?
I started in radio. I graduated from Mount Royal’s broadcasting program in 2006 and I started working for 660 News right out of school. I worked there for 5 months doing over night anchoring shifts and then I moved to Swift Current and was there for 2 months. I had done a school practicum for Global Lethbridge in Lethbridge and old my boss called me up and said there was an opportunity there so I packed my bags and went to Lethbridge and spent 2 years there before coming up to Global Calgary.

5. Wow, so that’s pretty good, I mean that seems pretty quick. Well I don’t know a lot about broadcasting, but that sounds fast to be where your at in your career now.
Absolutely, and timing is everything and so that really helped. And I worked really hard. I worked my way up the ladder in Lethbridge and then I started in a weather position in Calgary, that was the foot in the door for me here. And since then I have worked my way through a variety of positions and now I am a reporter and anchor for Global.

Rob: Good for you, that’s awesome.
Amber: Ya 🙂

6. So do you like living here in Calgary?
I actually live in Airdrie, just outside of Calgary. But I spend the brunt of my time in Calgary. And I do like Calgary, it’s a city that has a lot to offer. There’s alway activities going on downtown, like you said it’s got a huge arts scene, which I don’t think a lot of people realize. Our mountains are just on the doorsteps, which is incredible. There is just so much that Calgary has going for it, so it’s great to be able to call it home.

Rob: Agreed!

7. What do you like to do for fun?
I enjoy riding my horse. I grew up on a farm, so I still have my horse at my mom and dads farm and so I really enjoy doing that when I can. I like spending time with my family and my friends. And work takes up a good portion of my life (laughter), so I spend a lot of time with my work friends, which is nice.

8. If you had to describe Calgary to some one what would you say?
If I had to describe Calgary I would say that it is a very vibrant city and it’s not the “Cow Town” that everyone expects it to be. It has a lot of energy and there’s a lot of creative spirits here. And there is a lot of drive and initiative here as well. So I think it’s a really great city to be in for so many different people and for so many different reasons.

9. Anything else you’d like to add?
Calgary has some great restaurants. 🙂

* You can catch Amber on Global TV News Calgary in the mornings and on Twitter @AmberSchinkel.

Taylor – Serving the People & Dancing

Taylor was a server at a restaurant some friends and I recently attended. When I saw she had a brief moment to spare I asked her if she would be interested in answering a few quick questions for the blog. Clearly she was good with it and here is what she had to say.
(Note: a bit of a tuff lighting situation going on in this photo and I wouldn’t recommend shooting handheld at such a low shutter speed unless using an IS lens.)

Taylor girl - People of Calgary - Rob Moses Photography
Camera: Canon 1DiiN & 50L – Settings: 1/40th // f1.2 // ISO 800

1. Where are you from?

2. Have you lived here all of your life?

3. Do you like living in Calgary?
For the most part I do.

4. What is it about Calgary that you like?
Well since I have been here my whole life, I really like that I know my way around every where and I really like the downtown area, it’s a fun lively place to be.

5. What do you like to do for fun?
I’m a dancer so dance I guess (laughter).

6. What type of dancing do you do?
Tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, modern, contemporary.

7. Are you part of a dance company right now? Like a contemporary company?
Not right now, now.

8. Is that something that you are interested in doing?
Maybe in the future, not right now

9. Have you ever ridden a horse?

10. Anything you’d like to add?

– Thanks for talking to me Taylor!

A Rare Gem

Old new building - People of Calgary Street - Rob Moses Photography
Camera: Canon 5D & 24-70L @24mm – Settings: 1/100th // f14 // ISO 320

The only reason I shot this photo was because of the wicked old building the girl is walking in front of. I love old buildings like this and as the city of Calgary grows the less you see such buildings. For instance, a company here just tore down a old 6 story building built in 1912 to make way for a new set of buildings. I am all for growth and new big buildings, but I feel keeping around the old buildings gives the city a lot of character. However, in the defence of the new development of the 1912 buildings site, it should be noted that, that particular building went over some rather unpleasing renovations in 1967 which had the building clad in marble. Although that might sound nice, it wasn’t haha. Anyhow, I love the building in the picture I took and I hope they don’t tare it down! 🙂

Bellow are some pictures of the 1912 building referenced here. Photo’s by unknown photographers via imageshack.

Old Calgary Herald building before and after 1967 renovations.

Violet – Studio Photographer & Artist

So today I saw a guy walking along with a empty tray of food at the Eau Claire Market. I figured, this guy can’t be too busy, so I asked him if he would be interested in being on the blog. After I told him about it he informed me that he had a studio in the building and told me the girl there would probably be into it. Off Yoshi went to dispose of his empty tray and away I went to meet this girl.

In the studio I found a very cool and easy going girl named Violet. I told her Yoshi had sent me and explained to her about the blog. To no surprise she was into it 🙂 Here is what Violet had to say about Calgary.

Violet - Calgary of Calgary - Rob Moses Photography

Camera: 5Diii & 135L – Settings: 1/125th // f2 // ISO 3200

1. Where are you from?
I’m from Ontario, but I was born in BC.

2. Why did you moved to Calgary of all places?
The music scene and the economy.

3. Do you like living in Calgary?
I do, it’s pretty fun!

4. What is it about Calgary that you like?
Everyday is a new adventure here.

5. What do you like to do for fun?
I do art and music and a lot of different things. I was tie-dyeing and making music. We have different cook off’s, gingerbread making parties. Lots of things, my friends are musical. Art days and I have a few different photography jobs.
Rob: Well ya, I’m standing here in a studio with you (laughter).
Violet: It’s pretty fun.
Rob: Ya, we have things in common.

6. If you had to describe Calgary to some one, what would you say?
Hmmm, (laughter) I’m not sure, I would say that it’s like (pause), Toronto but with a home town feel.

7. Have you ever ridden a horse?
Ya lots, but not here (laughter)

8. Anything you’d like to add? Website or anything?
My website? Sure, you can find me on facebook at Vybe Visuals or google Violet Brown and you’ll find me.

* Thank you Yoshi and Violet for being so cool! Had a fun time talking shop in the studio with you guys.

Kate – Toronto to Calgary

Today’s Calgary person was handed to me on a silver platter. Ok maybe not quite a silver platter, but I didn’t have to walk up to her on the street like I was a 16 year old trying to get her to buy me a case of beer! This little interaction was a set up. NICE 🙂 Anyhow, this is Kate and here is what she had to say.

Kate 4 - People of Calgary - Rob Moses Photography
Camera: 5Diii & 135L – Settings: 1/250th // f2 // ISO 25000

1. Where are you from?
Originally Toronto.

2. Why did you moved to Calgary of all places?
We moved here because my husband got a job offer here and they offered to pay for the move. So we were like “Ok, well if we don’t like it we’ll leave”.

3. Do you like living in Calgary?
Yes. I miss Toronto, I miss the city, but we like the mountains, skiing, hiking and stuff. And the slower pace of life here.

4. What is it about Calgary that you like? Even though you kind of answered that already.
The stuff outside of the city, more than the city it’s self.

5. What do you like to do for fun?
Ski, well before baby (laughter and a look to her 1 year old daughter playing near by), hike, we like to go out with friends to bars, have people over, board games and stuff.

6. If you had to describe Calgary to some one, what would you say?

7. Have you ever ridden a horse?
Yes, ironically I used to horseback ride back in Toronto and I moved here and never found a barn.
Rob: What! That’s crazy! haha.
Kate: So yes I do ride.
Rob: Nice.

8. Anything you’d like to add?
We like the opportunities here, so that’s why we stayed. It’s home now.

* Thank you for talking to me Kate! 🙂

Photography in the Streets

Here is another street shot for you from the city of Calgary. I was walking up the street when I seen these people doing a little shoot of their own. I always find it fun to watch what other people do while taking pictures and this particular moment did not disappoint, well for me a least. The original photo was a wider view, but I thought it to be a little more interesting of a picture to leave out the subject being photographed. I’ll leave that to your imagination ;).

Calgary People 2 - Street - Rob Moses Photography
Camera: 5Diii & 135L – Settings 1/1000th // f2 // ISO 200

Michelle – No Stranger to Me

No stranger for the blog today, but my lovely wife Michelle has agreed to make a little appearance on here. The way I see it, we have been here a year and so have a lot of other people in Calgary. So why not have Michelle toss her hat into the blog while I hide out at home because it’s to dang cold too venture out into the streets to find a stranger 😉

Michelle - Calgary People Blog - Rob Moses Photography

Camera: Canon 5Diii & 135L – Settings 1/100th // f2 // ISO 2000 – 1 Handheld LED light to camera left

1. Where are you from?
I am from a small town in BC, Terrace, but my family and I just moved here from Vancouver in 2012.

2. Why did you moved to Calgary of all places?
So my husband could make some fat cash!

3. Do you like living in Calgary?
I really like it here.  I’m not in love with the winter, but that is part of the package.

4. What is it about Calgary that you like?
It is a really positive city and super family friendly which is great because we have two small boys. 

5. What do you like to do for fun?
Fun is usually centred around the kids: tobogganing, play centres and swimming.  When my husband and I get a chance we like to go to movies and go out for dinner.

6. If you had to describe Calgary to some one, what would you say?
Big city with a small town feel.  Everyone is really friendly

7. Have you ever ridden a horse?
Not since I was a kid.

8. Anything you’d like to add?
I’m married to the photographer and I think he’s the most amazing and talented person I know!